“I need a holiday”-The beach is your best friend

Beach holiday

Beach holiday

There is no way around it; we all need a holiday from time to time. When you hear yourself saying, “I need a holiday”, there are many, many options for a holiday destination and type. One of the most widely popular, and versatile of holiday types are beach holidays. Whether you love to stroll along and soak up the rays, spend hours in the water wearing your favourite swimming suit, tasting adrenaline, or simply spending some quality family time, there is a beach holiday for everyone.

Do you hear yourself saying, “I need a holiday”?

Lets admit it; none of us are invincible, despite what we are likely to believe. And each and every one of us needs a break from time to time. Juggling life is a very challenging act, and whether you are a workaholic, modern day super mum, overstretched family man/woman, or simply burnt out, you will hear yourself saying, “I need a holiday”.

Our population will range from culture vultures, to outdoorsy types, adrenaline junkies, family orientated individuals, and peace seekers. And with this variety in taste, comes very different requirements for a holiday. However, there is one type of holiday that can accommodate everyone in some way or another. Beach holidays can be incredibly versatile, and there are plenty of beaches scattered around the world, each offering something unique.

What to bring on your beach holiday?

Going to the beach usually involves lots of swimming, so a bikini should be a priority in your beach holiday list. It’s always good to bring an extra sports bikini, especially if you plan to go for surfing trip or just swimming laps in a pool. And don’t forget that stylish cover-up too. For women who like to look good while beach hopping will definitely love a comfy and sexy swimsuit cover-up.

Beach Holidays

Inevitably areas of cultural significance surround all beaches, some more than others. For example Cyprus and Greece have intertwined culture within their landscapes. And, obviously beaches are outdoors, so they could in some way satisfy the outdoorsy types. But when it comes to the adrenaline junkies, peace seekers, and family orientated individuals amongst us, there are specific beaches that can satisfy the holiday ideal.


The Adrenaline Junkie’s beach holiday

Typically, you would associate adrenaline junkies with water sports. And, where better to ride some waves than Australia? There are too many amazing surf beaches in Australia to mention them all, but the legendary Bells Beach in Victoria is certainly one, as is the surfers’ paradise, Gold Coast in Queensland. The well-practiced surfers will certainly know these beaches and other hot spots to truly enjoy the ride of the sea and hit the waves. But, even if you like the idea of a beach holiday that involves surfing, but are somewhat of a beginner. You might just return home with a new skill and taste for adventure under your belt. There is an abundance of other water sports available to the adrenaline junkie, like water skiing, kite surfing, body boarding, jet skiing etc. You will tend to find these, and a variety of others available at many beaches around the world.


The Peace seekers beach holiday

Heaven…strolling along a tranquil beach and just simply enjoying the surroundings. Or, laying very happily on a sun lounger soaking up the rays. The peace seeker may be hoping to find beach holidays that can offer these kinds of true relaxation. Globally you will find beaches that do live up to these ideals, and some of the best are Turtle Bay in Bermuda and Natadola Beach in Fiji. Turtle Bay not only offers great peace and tranquility, but a rare opportunity to see turtles in their natural habitat. Natadola Beach in Fiji offers peace, but also great snorkeling and swimming opportunities to lazily pass the hours. The perfect beachwear and swimming accessories are essential for enjoying a peace seekers beach holiday, we all want to look and feel good whilst relaxing in the sun.


The family friendly beach holiday

Worldwide you will find numerous family friendly beaches, offering safe surroundings, family friendly water, activities and space to enjoy time with your loved ones. Some beaches even allow BBQs, so that you can extend your fun over mealtimes, but be sure to check the policies beforehand. Fort De Soto County Park’s North Beach in Florida is one of the best family friendly beaches in the world, as it has a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of space and lovely clear water. Dover Beach, just outside the St Lawrence Gap in Barbados is home to a very family friendly resort that offers activities in and out of the water, and a beach for all the family. Whichever you choose, you will want to make sure the little ones are fully equipped for beach life.

The next time you are feeling overworked and overtired, and can hear yourself say, “I need a holiday”, be good to yourself and plan one, we all need to live those dreamy summer days and a beach life. Choose a destination and holiday type that can fulfil your holiday ideal and budget, but remember it is highly likely that the beach is your best friend.




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