How to Pick Timeless Designer Swimwear that Stays Unique

designer swimwear

designer swimwear

Does anyone else remember that summer when all of a sudden, that same pattern of floral swimwear was everywhere?

It started off demurely poking out of a few gossip magazines on celebrities, but it quickly gathered momentum and turned into a tidal wave of florally themed beachwear. Everyone had snatched it up with glee, thrilled by the prospect of their designer swimwear being at the forefront of a new, daring trend. After all, it was floral. Before its big revival, floral print had its place firmly between toddler clothing and ironic opp-shopping, and that’s where it stayed, synonymous with a musty old-people smell.

That summer retro floral bikinis became mainstream, but it’s unique, beautiful quality, that was so wonderful at first, massively deflated. It was still bang on trend, but everyone was suddenly wearing exactly the same thing.

Know a Good Bikini When You See It

What differentiates unique designer swimwear between your average bikini is most often found in the quality – it might be of the fabric, the print, the cut and design, the production.

These are all important components that mean not only more bang for your buck, but that what you are buying is timeless and special. After all, some of your best memories will be made wearing a hot bikini on your favourite sundrenched holidays, those nostalgic family beach days, road trips, maybe even a first date! Whatever the occasion, nothing will ruin it (and the memory of it) more quickly than cheap, sticky nylon or an ever-riding-up awkward wedgy from a badly designed cut.


Quality, Always Over Quantity

First off, quality swimwear needs chlorine resistant swimwear fabric. You want to be very safe in knowing that the beautiful bright colours of your brand new swimming costume are not going to end up floating away in a technicolour rainbow in the pool.

Swimwear needs to be the most durable of all your clothes. It is constantly drenched in saltwater or chlorine, baked in the hot sun, drenched again. Imagine if we put that designer cocktail dress through the same treatment?

Thankfully, durability does not mean skimping on the aesthetics, which is where designer swimwear comes into the picture.


Staying Unique

Much like art, fashion for some of us slips right past our brains and into our bellies. If you know how to look for it, something incredibly personal and intangible can be found in the way a person dresses, the colours, print and style they choose. The idea of mass produced anything is always slightly uncomfortable, let alone something as unique as personal style.

To make sure your swimwear is unique and stays that way, it is always better to go with something that is manufactured in local markets.  In the old days, to buy a Brazilian bikini that was actually made in Brazil, you would also have to buy a plane ticket.

Now, with the ease of online shopping, you have the latest and most unique Brazilian bikinis or European swimwear at your fingertips. This also means variety! You can easily browse through a collection of beautiful swimwear and choose something that will inherently show off your personal style – and with companies like Aquazzura Swimwear, you know you’re getting a little piece of the culture, too.

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