How to Get Your Bikini Body Back on Track

Bikini Body

How to get a bikini body

February is detox month, and this can only mean good things to get the perfect bikini body! The party season is officially over and it’s time to store away the 5 inch heels, dust off our running shoes and get back into the swing of things. However, it’s still summer and by taking advantage of the sun and sand there are a few simple tips to cheat your way back into a skimpy bikini no matter what body type you are.

Revitalising Dullness and Beating the Bloat

First things first, I think I can safely assume that most of us indulged maybe a little too much in alcoholic drinks and sugary foods over the past few weeks. Not to worry, it’s what the party season is for! But all that excessive alcohol and sugar consumption unfortunately leaves a distinctive trail of bloating and dullness in its wake.

The best way to combat this is fairly simple and I’m sure you’ve already guessed it – upping your water intake. Two litres of fresh water a day is recommended, even up to three if you’re lucky enough to be in hot weather and running around after naughty kids or naughty colleagues all day.

Make sure you drink a huge glass of water first thing in the morning, everyday. Mix it with freshly squeezed lemon juice to detoxify your liver and kick start digestion and your metabolism will love you for it and run like a well-oiled wheel.

Coconut water is another good option to sip throughout the day. It’s wonderfully hydrating and full of potassium, lauric acids and electrolytes, vital for replenishing tired skin and muscles.

Its chemical composition is actually so similar to human blood plasma that it was used in emergency blood transfusions on wounded soldiers during World War II. But before you go sticking it directly into your vein; let’s start first with the safer method of drinking. Studies have shown that drinking coconut water has a thermogenic effect on the body; effectively meaning it speeds up our metabolism and can help with weight loss.

Coconut water is sweet and refreshing, and it is perfect(!) when accompanied with the sun on your face and the water flowing around your feet. If you’re not quite keen on the idea of using your halved coconut shells for a makeshift bikini, pair it with Brazilian style swimwear instead, and you’ll feel like an island goddess. Or at least you’ll be significantly more appealing!

Once you’ve got your detoxifying underway, you’re beach body will be happily transitioning back to its usual hydrated self. You can speed this along and make the most of your new found glow by applying organic coconut oil directly onto the skin and tips of your hair. Do this at the beach; once it’s smoothed all over your body grab a few handfuls of sand and scrub.

This is great for circulation, removing dead skin cells and diminishing cellulite. Take a dip in the water to wash it off and your body will feel impossibly smooth and silky, perfect for showing off as much skin as possible! Go for string bikinis or a gorgeous new bandeau bikini to highlight those newly smooth limbs.

Getting Your Body Moving

So now you’re hydrated, glowing, your skin is firm and smooth. There’s just one little thing left. It’s time get your blood pumping again! Swimming is fantastic exercise for quick toning and weight loss. Ever come out of a swimming race when you were younger with that wonderful feeling of exhausted exhalation? That’s because swimming uses almost all ofyour muscles, while remaining low-impact. That means getting an all over body workout with very little risk of injury and impact stress.

The most popular recreational swimming styles are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke. Research local pools in your area and find ones that have a low membership cost and are heated so you can continue your good habits all throughout winter.

Not a fan of being stuck with your own thoughts while you do laps of the pool? Try water aerobics instead.

Okay, I know, it probably makes you conjure up images of your 80 year old grandma wearing a flowery pink swimming cap, but it’s actually a great, fun way to get fit and toned in the water.

Water aerobics is a great cardiovascular workout which builds and tones long, lean muscles, and strengthens endurance. It’s also usually taught as a group class, so it’s fun and social. Grab a bunch of your friends, trick them into hitting the pool with you and then bask together afterwards in the wonderful endorphin glow.

Make sure to keep your sport swimwear stylish in the pool by choosing swimwear that has chlorine resistant fabric.

Now, most importantly, remember to enjoy!


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