Heading North for Winter? Review Our Women’s Resort Wear Checklist, Before You Start Packing!

resort wear

resort wear

“Chasing the sun” – it’s a catch cry used by all generations of sunny weather devotees. Whether you are escaping the grind for a week’s holiday in the sun, or you are lucky enough to change hemispheres for the entire winter season, resort wear is virtually all you’ll need pack.

What is resort wear and why you need it?

The beauty of resort wear is that by definition, it’s light and easy to pack. Made from cotton, linen and other lightweight fabrics, your suitcase isn’t laden with bulky holiday clothing. Which should potentially negate the need for a whole suitcase anyway. Oh wait, who am I kidding?

Resort wear is also ready-to-wear, meaning no hassles with creases and no ironing necessary. No one goes on holiday to do housework.

Today’s cleverly designed holiday wear takes into account sun safety. Many pieces have an SPF rating to help protect your skin while you relax in the sunshine.

Sarongs, kaftans and maxi-dresses offer the wearer coverage when not in the water. A confidence booster, coverage while relaxing poolside is considered mandatory by many holiday-makers. Depending on the country or your itinerary while you are away, coverage can also be required as a mark of respect to your host nation and people.

While there are certainly many glamorous resort-wear options, the beauty of being on holiday is the carefree nature of your daily wardrobe. To keep your packing to a minimum, consider the many items that you can wear during the day and then dress up for dinner or drinks at night with little more than some sparkly earrings, a pair of heels or a statement cuff. Accessories take much less room in your bag than endless clothing options. Which then leaves space for shopping!


Examples of Resort Wear


Bikinis are synonymous with resort wear. If you imagine the ideal sunny getaway, the images conjured most certainly include bikini-clad holidaymakers. Not only for the beach bunny,  there are many versions of the bikini available for all different body shapes and sizes. Monokinis, tankinis, bandeau bikinis , brazilian bikinis, sports bikinis. Try a few on and choose one you feel best in. Beaches don’t discriminate; all shapes and sizes enjoy a sunny escape, so don’t discount the bikini.



Sun protection doesn’t have to be daggy. While hats provide protection from sunstroke and protect your face, neck and ears from sunburn, they can also make a glamorous accessory. Straw hats, visors, caps and fedoras are some of the hats on offer. No matter your own personal style, your resort wear wardrobe must include a hat.



Kaftans and Sarongs will take you from beachfront to restaurant and back again. Various fabrics, prints and embellishments give these items versatility like no other resort wear. Dress them up or down, if you have a couple in your holiday wardrobe arsenal, you’ll have something appropriate to wear whatever your plans.

Sundresses or Maxi-dresses are another versatile option to be worn by the beach or by the bar. A smarter option, a dress is an entire outfit, and when packing resort wear, less is more when it comes to precious suitcase space.



Beach Accessories


Don’t neglect your footwear while beach-side. It’s easy to overlook footwear when packing. Your resort wear wardrobe can be let down entirely by the wrong pair of shoes. Thongs or flip-flops do have their purpose, but when you head out at night or for a lovely lunch, consider a pair of sandals. A little effort goes a long way, and the simplest and comfiest sandals will trump a pair of rubber thongs every time.

Beach accessories including sunglasses, beach towels and beach bags also make the cut when packing resort wear. Not only functional, there are styles, fabrics, colours and textures to complement the rest of your holiday wardrobe. Make them a statement piece teamed with simple swimwear. Or if your clothing is doing most of the talking, consider a more humble version.

The general rule of thumb when packing for any holiday is to put all your intended clothing on your bed, and then halve it.


I dare you!



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