Halter Neck Swimwear a Throwback to the 50s

50s swimwear

A throwback to the 50s swimwear

So you’re going on a last minute holiday or somewhere with a pool and the main thing on your mind is that you want a new swimming suit that makes you look absolutely fabulous. Keep in mind there is an endless range and that you’ll only know what looks good until you try. Let’s say you wanted something as soon as possible, a style that’s different to anything you’ve tried before. Well, I might be able to help.

Have you considered halter neck swimwear? Personally, I love this look. It’s a throwback to that sort of 50’s swimwear for women that so many people adore. Wearing this kind of style shows a sense of individuality and it works for a lot of people, so why not consider it?

Will halter neck swimwear suit me?

One of the advantages this style boasts is that if you want to minimise the look of your hips and bottom, this is the one to wear. Halter neck swimwear helps to give the appearance of widening the neckline and shoulders which will draw the attention upwards. Additionally, by wearing a swimsuit that has a thick strapped halter, this allows anyone with a big bust to feel secured and supported. Not to mention how much it will flatter your look!

Any drawbacks?

The only disadvantage with this kind of swimwear is if you are looking for something that will minimise the look of your shoulders then you probably will not be interested in wearing this style. Halter neck swimwear will only seem to widen your shoulders further and will probably make you feel uncomfortable. And discomfort is the last thing you want when you’re wearing a swimsuit.

Anything else?

With most halter neck swimwear, there’s usually an adjustable tie in the neck that will allow the person wearing it to get that comfort that they will need as they won’t feel constricted. This kind of swimwear is also great as maternity swimwear. Some are made especially for your growing bump, with the halter neck ensuring that you still look and feel relaxed and supported by the swimwear.

So if you’re looking for something a little bit vintage, that will make you look gorgeous and feel supported, then this may be the swimsuit style for you. Don’t just take my word for it, try our online swimwear store to see what is available. You might just find your new favourite swimsuit!

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