Ahoy There! Look Good on Land and at Sea – Flattering Plus Size Beachwear and Cruisewear

Cruisewear and beachwear

Get the chance to wear your hottest swimwear, cruisewear and beachwear on a Sydney Harbour cruise

If you are a plus size woman, then the idea of beachwear, swimwear and  cruise wear could evoke panic within. But, worry not as there are plenty of flattering and stylish plus size beachwear and cruisewear options out there.

 Plus Size Beachwear-get the basics right and the rest will follow

For all of us it is essential to nail the basics when it comes to successful clothing choices, particularly beachwear. And if you are a plus size beauty, then getting the basics right is even more important to make sure you look and feel great.



Start with the swimwear, as it is likely you will need this whilst on holiday and at the beach. Make sure you know your body shape, and problem areas so you can choose flattering swimwear based around these.Common swimwear choices for plus size women tend to be halter neck one-piece swimsuits as they provide support and flatter larger chests, the skirted one-piece, as this provides coverage if you are self-conscious about your waist and thighs, and the Tankini Bikini (Tankini top and swim shorts bottom), which can provide some extra coverage for those who dislike their waist and those with larger hips and thighs.



Now you have mastered the swimwear, it is time to add to your confidence with flattering plus size beachwear. Your choices here all depend on how much coverage you desire, and what you plan to do in your beachwear.

If you are happy with your swimwear and want to catch the rays and meander around all day then something as simple as a Sarong or Kimono will suffice. However, if you are planning a lazy day, but want more coverage, then a Maxi Dress or flattering shorts and top combo would be ideal.

However, for those of us who would like a more active day, then simply wearing one half of clothing will give exposure and ‘freedom’, whilst a loose jumpsuit or Harem pants and top combo will give coverage and style.

Adding sparkle to one or more of your clothing items or choosing a beautifully embellished Maxi Dress will translate daywear into eveningwear.


 Ahoy There! What Cruisewear should I choose?

It can be tricky to decide what clothing to take on any holiday, but a Cruise can be even trickier. Firstly, as the whole holiday is spent surrounded by the same people, so a fashion faux pas could haunt you for the entire holiday, and secondly because a Cruise can be a mixture of holiday types, i.e. active, relaxing, glamorous, and casual. And, finding the right attire for every aspect of the holiday can be daunting.

To make choosing cruisewear simple, follow the above basics on swimwear (for when you hit the deck, the pool, or stop at a beach) and beachwear, then add appropriate clothing choices for the relaxing and glamorous parts of your holiday. With regards to bathing suits , for a cruise, you may want to add extra sophistication, and select some vintage swimwear.

Unlike plus size women, many of us do not struggle to choose clothing we feel confident in, which can make selecting our swimwear, beachwear and holiday wear much easier. Additional stylish items like playsuits, Trapeze Beach Dresses and cute a Bralet and Hot Pants can accentuate your assets and holiday wardrobe.

For those relaxing parts of the holiday, you can wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in, and it never hurts to get new clothes for a holiday; it helps you feel fresh and stylish.

When evening comes and the call of glamour dawns upon you, it is definitely time to add some sparkle. An embellished maxi dress is a great choice for all body types and can be very elegant, or perhaps an evening gown can bring out the princess within. A stylish jumpsuit or trousers and blouse can be equally as glamorous.

Ultimately, there are flattering designer swimwear and beachwear choices for plus size women, and it all comes down to the way you feel in the fashion, as much as the way you look. Cruisewear can be based on the same basic principles; just know your body type and the occasion during your holiday that the clothing is for. Simple style and body awareness is key to success.


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