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Cruise wear

Cruise wear

We’ve all seen the adverts – the cruise where you visit so many countries yet only unpack once. While that seems like the perfect getaway, choosing outfits and swimwear that can double up for more than one occasion can be a nightmare.  Is the top you chose for the foodie tour in Paris suitable for a night out on the deck in the Mediterranean? Does the new bandeau bikini provide enough support for the on-board pool?

Swimwear and other essentials for your cruise

While everyone’s wardrobe is different there are key elements that just have to be brought on a cruise. Let’s start with the essentials. Unlike a traditional aeroplane holiday, cruise ships receive hundreds if not thousands of pieces of luggage in a few hours.  This means that your luggage may not be with you even after you’ve set sail. This is why it’s important to pack at least everything you will need for the remainder of the day in your hand held luggage, and remember cruise ships aren’t usually tied by airport laws so weight & prohibited items are more flexible. Tiny bikinis, chlorine resistant swimwear for the pool, towels, a change of clothes, suncream and medication if necessary should be a priority.


But what should you wear on board the ship? Often (depending on the cruise liner) you will receive an information pack which will detail the types of clothing you should wear and any other information you should be aware of. For example some ships may permit a bottle of alcohol to be brought with you while others may not, so it is always useful to check ahead to prevent wasting time, money and even more importantly suitcase weight. Dress code is usually smart casual and so always have at least one completely formal outfit for themed nights, as some ships have a formal night where the men wear tuxedos and women don cocktail dresses. Although resort casual can be worn throughout the day but often swimwear can’t be worn in the onboard restaurants. This depends on the type of cruise.

 What else I need on a cruise?

Your destinations’ climate should also be considered as jumpers and raincoats may be needed if traveling out of the peak seasons. As always it is better to be over prepared than underprepared. Take advantage of some of the shops in the stop off points or onboard where you can stock up on things you may have forgot. Don’t assume that the items you forgot will be sold at your destination; also money is less important than your safety.

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