Competitive Swimwear on the Rise – Designer Trends Part Two

Two piece training swimwear

Two piece training swimwear, great for ocean and pool swimming

Fashion week has wrapped up its last show and moved on to warmer clients, but not before revealing a nostalgic throwback to summer as we watched new swimwear styles being strutted down the runway. In last week’s Designer Swimwear Trends for Fashion Week, on emerging trends in Sydney’s Fashion Week we discussed the nod to vintage one piece swimwear that remained a steady design favourite, however another style also began to reappear with continuing ferocity – previously unassuming competitive swimwear has had a style makeover and is quickly pushing aside its flimsy, fidgety string counterparts. This week we look at how competitive swimwear leaves behind its dumpy past and turns fashionable.

 European Swimwear Trends – It’s All in the Cut

European swimwear follows the same law apparently as mobile phones – the smaller the better. This hasn’t been lost on the European reinvention of training swimwear where strategic design incorporates the best of functionality and sex appeal. It no longer only holds sway in the sporting arena, this new generation racing swimwear is made to be seen outside the baby blue chlorine waters of your local pool. Athletic is the new height of sexiness, and these designs are cleverly reminiscent of their bold, Brazilian style cousins, but with the support and performance of your favourite training swimwear.


The Best of Stylish Training Swimwear

 2 piece Training Swimwear, sports style tops and bottoms are becoming the new fashion trend on beaches. Everything about them screams healthy lifestyles! A daring new approach to colours, skimpy styles and eye-catching patterns justifies their existence outside of your workout wardrobe and moves them into your main beach/lounging by the poolside attire.

Picking at and constantly pulling and adjusting your swimmer top is neither fun nor attractive, so sports style bikinis make a good replacement of your typical swimwear as their first and foremost purpose is good, solid support and lift. Everything you love about the easy dependence of your old training swimwear is still there, under a trendy new facelift.

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