Celebrity Swimwear and American Swimwear – Trends, Stars and Stripes

Celebrity swimwear at Bronte Beach

Celebrity swimwear at Bronte Beach

Celebrity swimwear is big business, and nowhere more so than in the USA. American swimwear trends will often lead the way, but you’ll be sure to find some classics in the selections too.

Celebrity Swimwear – how can I be part of it?

Celebrity swimwear is often trend setting, but it is certainly ‘on trend’. This summer some of the hottest celebrities have already been ‘papped’ wearing the most popular swimwear fashions. The bandeau, vintage, shorts, and monokini are perhaps the most ubiquitous. But, the classic underwire and string bikinis can be seen adorned on the rich and famous too.


The Bandeau Swimwear trend has swept the globe, and without straps it is great for women with larger chests, but with straps it can suit the smaller chested woman too. Vintage is another very popular trend, and not just within swimwear. That sophisticated style has appealed to many celebrities, and is very flattering for women with small frames, as the design and detailing can help add curves.

Shorts are very popular amongst the more sporty celebrities, and can often be seen on the ‘surfer girls’. They are very practical with coverage and flatter athletic body types. The Monokini is another celebrity favourite; it translates well on and off the beach, particularly for parties. It provides style and glamour, whilst covering all the essential areas. Some designs can be more revealing than others, but usually have string in the right places to keep things in place. Monokinis can be slimming for curvier tummies. Animal prints and busy patterns are the designs of choice this summer.

The classic Underwire swimwear and String bikinis are still popular choices. Underwire swimwear can provide great support for women with more up top and String Bikinis suit women who don’t need as much figure support. It is easy to wear the same styles as your favourite celebrity, and with so many varied trends this summer there is something for everyone to look trendy and good. You may even want to follow a celebrity style bikini body diet to compliment your celebrity swimwear and give an extra self-confidence boost.

American Swimwear

Beach culture and fashion are synonymous with the USA, and so are celebrities. The two very obviously influence each other. Often celebrities are trendsetters, but they are most certainly ‘on trend’. American swimwear is definitely linked with celebrities as hot weather is rife throughout much of the USA and Hollywood is, of course, the rightful home of celebrity.

The above swimwear trends will be evident within American swimwear this summer, and some of their popularity can probably be linked with particular celebrities. Retro High Le

g swimsuits a la Baywatch are also trendy pieces of American swimwear.

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