Can Anyone Wear High Waisted Swimwear?

High waisted bikini

High waisted bikini

So when it comes to swimwear we all want to be a part of the fashion trend, sporting the latest and best swimwear and ensuring that this will flatter us and make us look like the model you see advertising the swimwear. Now if you’re like me and you’ve tried all kinds of swimsuits, bikinis, etc and still have your eyes peeled for something that not only wows everyone around you, but most importantly wows yourself… then I think I may have found it!
The high waisted swimsuit/ bikini is a trend that I have noticed keeps popping up everywhere! Musicians like Katy Perry have really brought the kind of high rise bottoms into the 21st century and made sure that we can see whatever body type wears them, they look gorgeous.

Would a high waisted swimsuit suit me?

First of all, you only know if you try. Why not try your favourite swimwear stores like Aquazzurra swimwear shop to see if they stock any. The greatest thing about this kind of ladies swimwear is that it was made to suit any body type. It is a timeless classic and the higher rise waist ensures that if you’re not comfortable with your tummy or you don’t want to expose all it has taken care of those factors whilst still being one of the most stylish pieces of swimwear around.

Why should I get a high wasted bikini?

Well ultimately that choice is yours. But I cannot emphasize how much these types of bikinis can bring to your beach look. They bring back that hot swimwear retro look where everything looked together and in place and gives the wearer the confidence to strut in them knowing that nothing is going to fall out of place.
Remember, they come in all kinds of designs so if you don’t want to spend all that money buying a whole new range of bikinis then you can just buy the bottoms and mix and match them with the bikini tops you already have. This gives you the chance of portraying an idea of having an endless amount of wonderful cheap swimwear, when all you really have is a few key pieces.


Any disadvantages?

For the most part I cannot fault this piece. Like I said before, it suits absolutely anyone. The main thing is that you are confident when you wear it. If you try one on and you don’t feel like it gives you that secure feeling, then don’t get it. But I recommend trying it because you might only regret not buying into this fabulous trend.

Anything else?

I’ve covered what you need to know about high waisted swimwear. Now it’s your turn! Go out and try one. See how it feels. I guarantee that this type of swimwear will suit anyone, even if you feel like you would want to be a bit more conservative on the beach. This allows you to show off what you have, whilst covering up what you don’t want others to see. Perfect, right?

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