Bringing Brazilian Hammocks in to Australia – Interview with Fernanda from Green Beach Design


We had the pleasure to interview Fernanda Lopes from Green Beach Designs. Their hammocks come straight from Brasil. Soon they will offer a new collection coming from the heart of the Amazon Forest. Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, enhance the natural beauty of your beach house décor with beautiful natural hammocks.

Your design trait is ‘enjoying life’ – what does that mean to you and how is that portrayed through Green Beach designs?

Everything that makes me smile it’s a sign that I’m fully enjoying life at that moment, at that time.  And it can come from people, places and situations that you less expect.  They are actually simple little things that can make a big difference on our daily lives. Like when you go for a walk and get to notice the architecture of the houses, your neighborhood felling, and the colors changes in the sky as the sun goes down. This well-being it’s the essence of the hammocks design.

What influenced your choice to begin the Green Beach hammocks business – where they something you had growing up or did you discover them while on holiday somewhere beautifully exotic?

Definitely hammocks are big part of my cultural background and I remember playing around one while I was little. I even had a broken arm jumping on and off from one at my parents’ house (lol), my bad. So yeah, good memories. But actually it was here, more precisely sun baking in Tamarama when I realize that there were more ways to get to enjoy this stunning scenic view and feeling from our beaches. So that was the perfect mix.

Hammocks collection

Hammocks collection from Green Beach Designs

I remember first seeing beautifully handmade hammocks in Cambodia – have you researched or witnessed any international locals performing the trade?

Oh yes. And actually that is the dream of Green Beach and it is what we’re right now working for.
About a year ago we discover these group of woman that handmade their hammocks straight from the heart of Amazon Forest. They’ve learned a “node free” weaving technique from a fisherman and the result is this beautiful and comfortable natural hammock.  It’s a unique product that the world needs to know. And it’s not only the authenticity that makes it so special, but also the social side of it. The women are increasing the income of their families in such a remote and rural area and also training and involving more people in order to increase the quality of life of the community by using its natural resources and knowledge.

We just can’t wait to have it all organized and the products ready to go.

How is the colour palette chosen? Do you draw inspiration from the landscape a lot, such as colours or textures or even form the local cuisine?

In Brazil the sources of inspiration are endless. We are very culturally rich and vibrant which make it easy when it has to be visually translated. The colors, the abundant nature, the tropical food and fruits, the art movements, the music legacy and the people’s excitement are where we lay our heads at.

You’ve listed on Aquazy that you support pollution issues in the environment – is something that Green Beach intend to focus on?

Our message is that is possible to take life easier in an organic way. The way we consume, what and from who we buy, and where it goes after all are some of the actions we can take to reduce our impact in the environment.

So it’s not only about buying a hammock and relaxing inside your comfortable place. Which is great and everyone deserve it. But is also about knowing that your purchase means you’re supporting a more holistic way of living.

Plastic pollution it’s being a big issue in the convenient and disposable world where we live in. Our plastic ends up at the ocean affecting the marine wildlife and seabirds such as Mutton-bird. One of them was found with more than 275 pieces of plastic in its body! Imagine 10 kilos of plastic in your belly? Not cool hm?!

How important is caring for the environment to you? Would you consider this aspect a crucial part of the Green Beach designing process?

It’s pretty dam important. It’s that kind of thing that sticks with you and you’re always asking yourself if what you’re doing is helping or is damaging more. I guess everyone is walking the same path and learning what to do. It’s a long road tho. But is always good keep in mind that what goes around comes around.
The use of natural fabrics also bring us the responsibility of following the trends on the farming processes of the cotton crops plus ensure the labor legislations and non-children work its being met.

Where would someone usually find you? Maybe relaxing in a hammock on a Sunday afternoon down at the beach or in your back yard –

I definitely spend lots of time at the beach. I live in Bronte which is one of my favorite beaches in life. The rock pool really gets me. I’ve also been working a lot around northern beaches making some nice coffees, and the hammock is just everything I need after a long day of work. Feet up and everything feels right again J

How have you found the Australian designing / consuming market? ‘

We feel that there is a strong sense of community over here, and this reflects on the market. Organic design, colors and shape is very important to establish this connection, as well a vintage feeling so present around the city with the art deco buildings and houses and of course, the hipsters lol. They are very distinct but equally rich.

I understand you’re from Brazil – what is it like migrating from your home to Australia?

It’s like having two different lives in terms of space and time. Lol It sounds crazy I know, but it can be like that sometimes. After a while I’ve learned how to use my roots to be grounded here. The art of be in the present.

I am absolutely passionate about Brazilian culture and also love the beach laid back culture of Australia. And I want have both, forever! Lol.

Where is your favourite beach and why?

I am in love with northern beaches.  I had a great time recently at Avalon beach, watching the beach and the sunset from the top of the cliff. It was incredibly beautiful!

Avalon Sydney Northen beache

Avanlon, Sydney Northen beaches

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

“What if I fall?” Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

What is your favourite colour?

Green is my first favourite color from all times, and there is always a second one that changes from times to times. Right now is Marsala, an earthy wine red. Gorgeous!

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