Bikinis and Two Pieces Swimwear – Can You Pull It Off?

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Don’t think that bikinis are reserved just for those with curves in all the right places or with model figures. There are so many styles of bikini available, and there really is a style to suit everyone. Fashion has progressed to incorporate all kinds figures and patterns to help you look good and be ‘on trend’.

If you have curves in all the right places or a model figure, then the bikini can certainly help you to flaunt your assets. String bikinis and Brazilian bikinis are the most revealing and figure hugging styles. So, you can flash some flesh and get all the attention you desire.

If you have a big bust, then a halter neck bikini will be great for you. Or, perhaps choosing an underwired bikini can give you an extra lift.

For women with ‘triangular’ figures, who have smaller busts than bottoms, the hugely popular Bandeau bikini will flatter your physique.

If you are blessed with a sporty figure, and have a toned body to show off, choose skimpier feminine designs and bikinis with detailing to help create an illusion of curves, whilst flaunting your toned physique. Choosing a top with padding can help too.

For those struggling with problem areas, or who prefer a little more coverage, then a bikini with hot pants or a Tankini would be great choices. Also, a Skort or skirted swimwear will give extra coverage.


Two Piece Swimwear-The Choice is Yours!

The great thing about two piece swimwear is the amount of choice and flexibility it offers. Most retailers sell two piece swimwear, meaning you can select the perfect top and bottom half to suit your figure. And, they can be in different sizes too.

So achieving a great look is easier than you think. Everyone can find a bikini to help accentuate their assets.

From teeny weeny, to total modesty, you can create the desired look for your figure and confidence. The more confident and daring amongst you will want to choose string bikini bottoms, or Brazilian bikini bottoms. Whereas, those looking for more modest options would prefer hot pant bikini bottoms to give more coverage than the usual bikini bottoms. And, perhaps a Skort or skirted swimwear for even more coverage. Specialist bikini bottoms with a flattering cut and material can give a bit of an extra lift too.

In between the two, are the more neutral options, such as the standard bikini bottom, the high leg bikini bottom and the ruched/detailed hipster bikini bottoms.

It is very true that having freedom of choice, along with confidence and knowledge gives you power. And, this is certainly true when it comes to choosing and wearing a bikini. Everyone can do it, they just need to choose the right one and believe they can pull off the bikini look!

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