Best Swimming Workouts

Best swimming workouts

Best swimming workouts tips

Summer’s gone and winter is soon approaching, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to keep the fantastic body shapes we’ve worked hard on this summer. There’s many options to do this, you can go to the gym, go jogging or cycling outside (though it might not feel great with the cold). With these you might need a bit of motivation. However, I believe the best way to exercise is by combining it with something you love. And if you love swimming, I have got a few simple tips of what you can do in the water that will push your leisure swimming to the next level.

Where can I do swimming exercise and why?

If you’ve got a pool at home or have access to a public pool you can exercise freely. Unlike going to a gym or taking exercise classes, you can do these at your own pace and take as long as you need to. Workouts in the water are the  perfect complement to your swim session as they allow you to work hard in a structured way whilst doing something you love. Not many exercises will give you that option.

The idea behind workouts in the water is that the moves help tone your body and give you the long lean look of professional swimmers. By doing this, you are allowing yourself  to reach those muscles that individuals usually miss when swimming and even strengthen the ones you already use to enhance your swimming capabilities.


Competitive Swimwear is Needed

For competitive swimming as well as aquatic fitness activities, wearing a good chlorine resistant training swimsuit will increase your efficiency in the water, keep you feeling comfortable during your activity, and stand up better to the deteriorating effects of chlorinated water than most fashion swimsuits.

What can I do?

Try swimming in shorter segments, whilst mixing in a variety of work and also rest intervals, and using different strokes, drills and intensities. These mean that you are pushing your body to have an effective swim routine that gives you the best results.

Swimming for 10, 20 or 30-plus minutes non-stop is good general exercise, and will help you increase your speed and strength from a baseline level. However, without including some form drills and swim sets with rest in between intervals, you will plateau in speed and fitness in just a few weeks, so try to push yourself the more you advance. The benefits will definitely be something you are proud of!

40 laps in a standard 25-yard pool is 2,000 yards (a lap is 2 lengths of the pool). A very simple swim set that you could turn this into would involve a specific warm up (of your choice and suited to your level), a certain number of drills (sane again), and then a ‘main set’. If you are unfamiliar with drills, there are plenty of online videos and instructional DVDs with suggestions you may want to try. Or if you plan on heading down to the local pool area, there are many classes you’ll be able to take or instructors who would enjoy helping you out.

So try these exercises and see how you get on, if you’re a beginner or an advanced swimmer, you will not only enjoy the activity but the positive effect doing these simple exercises will have on you as well!

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