Best Selling Swimming Accessories – Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Swimming accessories - Swim Goggles

Swimming accessories – Swedish silicone swim goggles

“A tradesman is only as good as his tools” or so goes the saying. This applies to many aspects of life as the proper equipment, whatever the pursuit, can make the job faster, easier and ultimately, more enjoyable.

Swimming gear and accessories exist for both the novice and the experienced swimmer. There are accessories for baby’s who are simply becoming familiar with water and for the dedicated lap swimmer, up early each morning.

Outlined below is a snapshot of popular equipment and accessories available to help make swimming as efficient and as pleasurable as possible.

Swimming Goggles

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to wear goggles to swim. Firstly there is the visibility under the water. Depending on whether you swim in a pool or in the sea, the goggles will help you from becoming disorientated.

Another benefit of swim goggles is the protection they provide against irritation caused by salt water or chlorine to the eyes with prolonged swimming.

If you intend to do most of your swimming outdoors, you can choose a pair of goggles with a tinted lens, protecting your eyes from the sun.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses on a daily basis, you don’t need to give up your ability to see when swimming. There are many companies who make prescription goggles.


Swimming Caps 

If you’ve got long hair and ever been swimming without a swimming cap, you’ll appreciate their usefulness. Stopping mid-swim to brush hair out of your face is sure to drive you crazy, so invest in a swim cap and forget about your tresses while in the water.

Swim caps can also reduce heat loss from the head and are considered mandatory by serious swimmers who spend hours in the water.

Another benefit is the protection swim caps give the hair from the chemicals in the pool water. While certainly not guaranteed to keep your hair from getting wet, a swim cap has the above benefits, and your hair will also remain relatively dry.

Silicone swim caps  are a comfortable, long lasting option that are kinder to the hair than their latex equivalent.  There are even roomier swimming caps made these days for swimmers with really long hair.

Float Suits & Swim Nappies 

Many swimming centre’s insist on babies wearing a swim nappy. The reasons for this should be fairly obvious, and the quality versions have anti-leak, anti-bacterial and anti-allergy properties.

Baby float suits are designed to assist the youngest swimmers gain confidence in the water. The swimsuit-like design, has individual floats inserted that help with buoyancy and can be removed as the competence level increases. Made from UV protected fabrics, many of these suits will block the harmful sun from the most precious of skin.

Other Swimming Equipment

Swimming clubs and swimming schools have many other items on hand to assist with the swimming progress of their members and students. These items have their place and can provide some variety when included in the swimming program.

While not considered as essential as goggles and swim caps, the following swimming accessories and equipment have been introduced to the professional & educational swimming scene and will certainly become more apparent the more swimming you start to do.

  •  Kickboards
  •  Pull Paddles and Pull Buoys
  •  Fins
  •  Lap Counters
  •  Tempo Trainers
  •  Heart-rate Monitors


Invest in quality goggles and a silicone swimming cap and watch your swimming improve and your enjoyment soar.



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