Best Beach Holiday Destinations

Best beach holiday destinations

Best beach holiday destinations

About this time of year you may be just starting to knock the dust off your ugg boots and shake out the creases on last season’s jumpers. Maybe you’ve even dragged the heater out from underneath a pile of miscellaneous objects in the back of the cupboard where it got shoved with glee last September.

This is also the time of year where images of endless, sundrenched beaches might keep interrupting your thoughts and circling around in your brain. To help give you some ideas of beach holiday destinations, here is an edit of the best beaches that you want on your winter bucket list.



Pronounced say-shells – and is actually the 115 tiny islands clustered together that make up the Republic of Seychelles off the east of Africa. This is where you will find some of the most photographed beaches in the world! Weathered granite boulders sprout out of pale pink sand and the turquoise water is relatively shallow and flat, protected from waves by a hidden reef. The Island vibe calls for exotic, relaxed swimwear. Think along the lines of a monokini or a playful Brazilian Bikini when packing.



The Maldives have everything you need for a dream beach holiday. Pampering treatments at four-star resorts are interspersed with deep water dives, tropical fish and adventurous water sports. Bang on the Equator southwest of Sri Lanka, the Maldives are made up of a staggering 1102 islands, are world-famous and the stomping ground of many prominent surfers. You too can try your hand at surfing while you’re there, so taking sport swimwear is a must.


Byron Bay

For somewhere a little closer to home and maybe a little bit more easy on the old credit card, the beaches of Byron Bay are always a big favourite. The most easterly point of the continent, Byron also boasts famous, well sheltered bays that are perfect for surf enthusiasts and holidaying families alike. The relaxed, laid back feel of the area means the same for clothing choices. Forget the heels, but bring a sarong, swim accessories and your favourite hot bikini.


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