Beachwear and Swimming Accessories for Women: Your Holiday Begins Here!

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swimming accessories

Beachwear clothing and swimming accessories has become just as important as your beach bikini choice. Will it go with my bikini? Which sunglasses will compliment my dress? Won’t I be too hot in that?

They are so many options for beachwear these days it’s hard to know where to start. There are some beach cover-up items that you can only get away with wearing on the beach but it gives you an excuse to be creative to rest from the sun in your hot bikini.



The kaftan, actually originated in Persia but has been adopted and re-created in different materials to provide a lovely beachwear cover-up all over the world.  They usually have a V-neck front and tend to come in at the waist and then go in an a-line shape. Meaning you can enjoy your lunch without fear that people will see your bloated tummy in your hot bikini.

Beach dress

Beach dresses can come in any material and length. Some may opt for a maxi-dress as these look highly glamorous at the beach. Or perhaps a bandeau dress to cover your bandeau bikini. Sometimes it depends where you’ve caught the sun too much and this style can allow you still tan your back and shoulders.


Playsuits have seen a huge rise in popularity. These can easily cross over into your summer wardrobe on and off the beach. They are easy to whip on and off when you want to be covered up or exposed to the sunshine. You can also roll them down into shorts if you want some extra bottom half protection but still tan your top half.


Sarongs used to be the most common because they are the most flexible. You can wear them as a skirt, dress or even a scarf to provide you shelter from the sun or to put on when you’re walking around. They come in so many patterns and material and often make a great gift for someone. See ‘Sarongs, the Perfect Beachwear Accessory’ for some great tips on these.

Beach pants

Some women may prefer to cover up their legs with beach pants. These are often made in a lovely light and airy material so you don’t feel like you’ve got heavy trousers on. You can mix these up with any style of top. Or you can wear with your bikini top for an alternative look.

So you’ve got heaps of options but remember to choose something that’s comfortable for you and cooling in the heat. Another excuse for a shopping trip I think!




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