Extend your style beyond Swimwear-great Beachwear Clothing and Beachwear Cover-ups



We all want to look and feel good when at the beach, and this extends beyond our swimwear. With great beachwear clothing and beachwear cover-ups it is possible to extend your style beyond luxury swimwear. There are numerous fashionable and flattering swimsuits and items of beachwear items to choose from.Beachwear Cover-ups…what suits my style?

There are the traditional choices like sarongs the perfect beachwear accessory and Kaftans, or the more low key t-shirt, but for those wanting to look more stylish or treating themselves to something new, there are lots of beachwear cover-ups to choose from. This season, the Maxi Dress is still very popular, and this can double up as beachwear item too. Particularly, if you just like to lounge around on the beach, and maybe have a little paddle. Whatever you choose, you can really compliment your style and ‘blend’, by colour coordinating your choice of beachwear cover-up with your chosen swimwear.

Another alternative for those who are very self conscious, and just like to lounge around and catch the rays, is to lay a cover over yourself made from thin, breathable material, or simply keep one half of clothing on. For example, if you are very self-conscious about your bottom half, leave your shorts/skirt on, and just expose your top half for sunbathing. If you wish to be a little more active, a Kimono is a possible alternative, and there are lots of trendy styles out there.

What Beachwear Clothing is best?

Whether you are just looking for comfort, or would like to be the most stylish and fashionable beach babe out there, beachwear clothes are essential. For those comfort seekers amongst us, the traditional casual summer dress or shorts and top combo are most likely to appeal. However, if you are very confident, and the weather is hot, you may choose to just wear some hot pants or shorts with your swimwear.

The fashion conscious beachgoers may like to opt for some new beachwear, and this season there are plenty of options to suit all body types and styles. The Maxi Dress is still very popular, and can double up as a choice for cover-ups. Another option for those who prefer modest beachwear is the Playsuit or Jumpsuit, or perhaps teaming Harem Pants with a vest top.

A Bralet and Shorts or Hot pants set can provide style with some skin exposure, if you are feeling a little more adventurous. As can a Trapeze Beach Dress. If you are very confident with your figure and wish to still flaunt your assets in your beachwear clothing, then something like a Fringed Beach Vest or Bomber Beach Jacket would do the trick.

To some of us, the clothes we wear for the beach are simply for function and comfort, and for others it is an extension of our personal style and interest in fashion. Some of us may require little or no concealing, whilst others feel that they prefer to remain modest, or cover problem areas of the body. Whatever you like to wear, and however you feel about clothing to wear at the beach, there are so many style options, that there’s something for everyone to extend their style.




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