Beach Volleyball and sports bikinis – benefits beyond the beach

beach volleyball bikinis

Beach volleyball bikinis

An Olympic Sport since the 1970s, today Beach Volleyball in Sydney is an activity for all fitness enthusiasts. Anyone who loves the sand, the surf and beach life will enjoy the fitness, body and mind benefits of Beach Volleyball.

The first of many positives is the very little equipment that is required to get started. All that’s needed is a Sports Bikini for the ladies, shorts and singlet for the men and a whole lot of SPF! The ball, the net and the court are all supplied.

Players need to dress for comfort and ease of movement, which is why the Sports Bikini is the outfit of choice. As a spectator sport too Beach Volleyball is popular, renowned for showing off toned physiques and tanned midriffs.

Body Benefits of Beach Volleball

The work it takes to move through the sand means that Beach Volleyball is a great workout and a calorie burner.

While a low impact activity, beach volleyball works a wide range of muscle groups including the lower back, glutes, calves, thighs and it helps to strengthen the core.

The cardiovascular system is exerted as Beach Volleyball; especially at the higher levels requires great endurance, while the upper arms, pecs, shoulders and back are also strengthened.

Beach Volleyball is often recommended for people recovering from injury who want to return to sport in a low impact manner and to help aid in their recovery.

History of Beach Volleyball

While Beach Volleyball began in California in the 1920’s, Australia’s plentiful beaches and temperate climate has seen the sport gain popularity here and today Australia has become a force in the international Beach Volleyball arena.

The Beach Volleyball community in Sydney exists in both the Northern Beaches and the Eastern Suburbs Beaches. New players are welcome and on offer are beginner’s courses, junior and social leagues and even the opportunity to engage the corporate world and school students in tailor made programs.

The Game

Social beach volleyball can be played with as many as six players per side, however in competition each team consists of two players.

There are no set positions in beach volleyball, so players are free to move about and hit the ball from anywhere on the court. While hands are used primarily, any part of the body can be used to hit the ball.

The ability to dive for the ball without serious injury can provide the crowd with some spectacular action! Another reason competition swimwear or sports bikinis that are well fitted are an important consideration when embarking on this athletic pursuit.

Body Mind & Soul

Beach Volleyball has health benefits comparable to most sports. Exercise and Fitness are the obvious ones, however hand-eye coordination and mental agility used with tactics and point scoring are also improved in this low impact activity.

Wearing little restrictive clothing, playing sport barefoot on sand with the backdrop of the ocean cannot help but revitalize the soul.

The incentive for players to cool off in the blue water after the final point is won surely must encourage a fast paced and lively game.


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