Beach Volleyball on Bondi According to Bondi View – Aquazy Supports a Good Cause

Beach volleyball in bondi

Spotted in Bondi View – four gorgeous ladies toting their hot sports bikinis and summer-sun induced tans while setting up to play a riveting game of volleyball on Bondi Beach.

You would be forgiven for assuming that this is just a daily occurrence on the famous beach, the most noteworthy factor maybe being the particularly stylish designer swimwear they were wearing.

However, surprisingly enough, on that famous stretch of Bondi sand organised beach volleyball is actually illegal. How can that be, you say? Bondi is practically synonymous with sun, sand, and sport! Bondi Beach is a classic symbol of the Australian lifestyle and one of the first places that is dangled like a tantalising sundrenched carrot in front of foreign tourists considering their first Australian venture, who had seen the famous beach dotted with micro bikinis and vigorous volleyball games during the 2000 Olympics.

It just doesn’t seem to make sense that something so ingrained in our culture, an active, sporty lifestyle, would be banned from one of Australia’s most attractive, healthy lifestyle toting landmarks.

Well, we agree. This is why Aquazy has stepped in to support the legalisation of beach volleyball on Bondi, in the hope of bringing the wonderfully active sport back to the public.

Bondi View picked up the story this week, making the journey down to the beach in order to catch the game. In a superhuman feat, the reporter managed to pull himself away from watching the gorgeous players just long enough to snap some great action shots of the game and the ladies in their brightly coloured beach volleyball bikini and have a chat with one of the players, Sydney Beach Volleyball Girls (SBVGs) founder.

Of the beach volleyball legalisation, Raffaella says to Bondi View “I created the FB page because initially there was not much [scope] around the eastern suburbs, apart from Tamarama and Coogee. I found this really strange in Australia. You have the weather in Bondi, you have the beach and a lot of space, but no volleyball”.


Members of the beach volleyball community around the Eastern Suburbs have been signing a petition that was brought around Bondi signifying the desire of locals and sport enthusiasts to finally bring designated volleyball areas onto the beach.


The reason that Bondi Beach has previously avoided having volleyball games legalised is fairly simple. Of course no one really enjoys copping a stray ball to the back of the head, or an accidental back-handed slap from an overenthusiastic and particularly long armed player while casually walking past a game. This is why designated areas are needed to make sure the rigorous games and oblivious sunbakers don’t overlap, and all beach goers can enjoy the sand and good weather to its fullest extent!


To check out the online version of Bondi View and see the beautiful Aquazy Designer Swimwear line in action go to.



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