Beach Volleyball Finally Hitting Bondi

Bondi Beach
Beach volleyball in Bondi beach

Beach volleyball in Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is getting a fresh bouncy cut, some new highlights and a good old fashioned scrub down. Well, maybe not quite, but there will be a large scale makeover taking place on the famous beach over the next 10 years. The Sydney Morning Herald announced last week that there is a new plan for Bondi to bring it up in line with some of the most famous beaches in the world.

Charming beach cafes will be sprouting up along the Bondi promenade, along with a beginner’s skate park, playgrounds for the kids, outdoor fitness stations and, most importantly, the implementation of brand-spanking new beach volleyball courts in Bondi with views of the sparkling water!

For the first time since the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Bondi Beach is lifting its long held ban on the game and welcoming volleyball and sports swimwear toting babes back to its shores. Plans have been made to construct official volleyball courts on the southern end of the famous beach for casual and serious players alike.

This means that there is never a better time than now to brush up on your volleyball skills! Autumn is prolonging its Indian summer and yet to lose the brunt of its warmth, so it’s important to soak up as much sunshine and vitamin D as possible before winter sets in. A great way to keep active outdoors this season is by taking up volleyball. Its active, the rules are fairly straight forward for even the slowest of learners, and it’s a great way to meet people or have a weekly catch up with friends.


 Beach Volleyball Equipment You Will Need

 Yourself! The beauty of this game is that you don’t need fancy $200 sports shoes – the game is usually played barefoot, in shorts and a shirt and some training swimwear. You won’t even need a ball if you join a club. Research ones in your local area – Sydney Beach Girl’s Volleyball is a good option.

If there’s one thing you’ll want to invest in, its good quality beach volleyball swimwear that has solid support, is pleasing to the eye, and fits you like a glove.

Get your body moving and top up your vitamin D intake, you’ll surprise yourself with how much fun it is!

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