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Beach photography

Photography of Tamarama Beach – Australia

Now it’s summer you are bombarded with images of blue seas and white sand, models in bikinis and people mid-air during various water sport activities in their training swimwear. Yet it seems impossible to take these shots yourself. Here are a few tips to bear in mind next time you’re due to hit the beach:


All-important summer action shot

Use the preset modes- often point and shoot cameras have preset settings which bypass messing with the cameras settings to get the perfect picture. This can be done on most cameras and they often cover all possible picture taking moments.

Try using the burst mode on the camera (where a certain number of photos are taken quickly one after another) or take as many pictures as possible- the ones not used can always be deleted. But be warned this takes up memory space, so reviewing the photos soon after taking them can prevent disappointment by knowing exactly what needs to be done for the perfect shot or knowing when the best shot has been taken so you can go enjoy the beach.


Landscape or panorama beach shot

A time lapse is a popular method of taking landscape pictures, particularly on a beach or near busy traffic road at night. This can be preset on most point and shoot cameras or can be done manually. Another popular way of shooting a landscape is to create a short video of a 360 degree view around a particular point often created by slowly turning around on the spot. On some cameras (and even some mobile smart phones) there is often a setting which takes a number of photographs of the landscape and then stitches them together.


“What I’m wearing to the beach today” shot

Make sure you have a good bikini- before the shoot a bandeau bikini should be worn to avoid tan lines.

Try to position the sun behind the camera, or take the pictures in the shade. This can prevent a colour washout and keep the picture details sharp.


Underwater shot

Consider using colour filters- red is the best choice for underwater as the bright light and darkness of the sea can often create a colour washout.

If you will be photographing people underwater, they should wear colours such as white to stand out against the dark background. Alternative a colourful and distinctive patterned hot bikini could be used, such as this one.


Things to keep in mind before hitting the beach

Bring or invest in a good camera case, especially if you will be using the camera underwater. This will help keep sand and other dirt out of the camera’s lens.

Be wary of leaving your camera in your bag, especially if a lot of people see you use it. Never leave any bag unattended.Don’t put yourself or others in danger when trying to achieve the perfect shot. There will always be other moments to capture but people are harder to replace then a camera.

Take a Ziploc bag to keep the camera and collect silica jell packets to absorb moisture and protect the camera.

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