Beach Party Ideas – Games, Food and Fun

Beach Parties Ideas

Beach Parties Ideas

Beach parties have to be the most laid back way to get your friends together and have fun in the sun. If you don’t have a beach nearby, don’t worry, help is on hand.  Whether you just can’t get to the beach, or you just want to bring the beach home with you, a beach themed party is the ultimate summer companion to socialise and have fun. So get yourself a new bikini, grab your friends and the barbie and head on down to your nearest beach (or get them to come to yours). Here are the few pointers to get you started:


Food and drink

Make sure you have selection of barbeque food, for example, burgers and sausages are a must. Sticky ribs and kebab skewers are for those who want something a little more advanced, and for the vegetarians; vegetable kebab skewers, as well as corn on the cob are a nice alternative. If you want to you can always go to the local fish monger to get a tasty fish to barbeque, and if you’re feeling especially extravagant, a lobster. Sandwiches and salad can be added on the side for those who don’t feel like a barbeque, especially handy for the kids. Beers are a must at a beach party, and for those who don’t drink, fruit juice and sparkling water are a tasty way to keep hydrated.

Beach Games

The classics are always the best way to go, as they can be enjoyed by any age range. This include: Rounders, volleyball, cricket, Frisbee, hula hooping or the classic sand castle making/sand sculpting (if you don’t feel like making castles). These can be done in your back garden if you’re ‘bringing the beach home’; for sand sculpting a sand pit or paddling pool can be set up and filled with sand for the kids to play with.



For a fun twist you could always add a theme to your party, something sea themed would go quite nicely, for example popular choices might be: hula, sailor or sea creatures. This can be done by any age, and is preferably done at an at home beach themed party; as you might get a few looks if turning up to the beach dressed up. If you’re heading to the beach an attention grabbing one-piece swimsuit will do the trick, or if you’re feeling a little more daring a bright brazillian bikini. Children shouldn’t be left out either, bright and colourful children’s swimwear will make sure they stand out on the beach and can be easily seen, as well as making them feel and look great.

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