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Beach Party Ideas

Beach party ideas – wear your coolest bikini

Who doesn’t love a party? Beach parties can be some of the most fun, and as with any other party, you will want to look your best. It is very easy to find beach clothes than can help you stand out as a stylish partygoer, or ones that translate smoothly from daywear into party wear.

What Beach Party Ideas will be a hit?

What beach party ideas will be a hit? can be a hard question to answer, but this all depends on numerous factors. The ages of your guests, the time and venue of your party, the budget you have and the amount of time and effort you have to put into creating a successful party.

Obviously, the ages of your guests will determine the type of party you can throw. If you have young guests attending, then usually a daytime party is best. Also, with young guests it may be preferable to have an outdoor party on the beach itself, to avoid any mishaps and mess in your beach house. But, be sure to provide lots of refreshments, and shade. Young ones, and families will enjoy entertainment, so beach games will be a hit . A themed party would be great for young guests too, and pirate or mermaid theme would be very easy to pull off due to the beach venue.

If your guest list were more mature then an evening BBQ beach party, or soirée in your beach house would be more successful. Depending on the type of guests, you may find friendly chat is all that is needed, or you may want to spice things up with grown up games involving drinking or spin the bottle. The beach can be very versatile, and could even provide a romantic background for a couples dinner party.

The success of any party is based on great planning, and working to budget restraints. You don’t need to spend a long time making every detail perfect, the main thing is to get the basics right. This means, budget, refreshments, the guest list, the venue and possible entertainment.

Finding the right Beach Clothes

Whatever the beach party you are attending, finding the right beach clothes that are flattering and appropriate is essential.

A daytime party on the beach will require more casual clothing or perhaps just a bikini for the more daring amongst us, if you are going for minimalist, having flattering, stylish swimwear will make all the difference. Don’t forget that young guests enjoying a party on the beach have the right to look good too, and should be able to feel just as good as the grown ups. Trendy swimwear can be all they need, providing that they are protected with sunscreen.

An evening BBQ beach party would require more clothing, as the evening can be breezy and chillier. Even on the beach in the evening you can look stylish by wearing carefully selected daywear that will translate well. For example, a Maxi Dress or simple Jumpsuit are casual enough for daywear, but also translate to evening wear, particularly if teamed with a few accessories.

A beach house soirée would require something a little smarter, but the Maxi Dress could also be suitable. Teaming a pretty top with a flowing skirt or jeweled Harem Pants and accessories could also work well here. Stylish beach footwear is essential too. The same types of beach clothes would be appropriate for a romantic couples dinner party. If ever in doubt, just add some sparkle.


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