Beach House Games and Beach Party Ideas- Living the Dream with Fun in The Sun

Beach party games for kids

Beach party ideas for kids

Where better to house the ultimate beach party Ideas than in a lovely beach house. It is the perfect location to use as a base point for any beach party. Whether it is for kids or adults, relaxed or sophisticated. The beach house is as versatile as the beach itself. Beach house games and beach party Ideas can come together and flow naturally between the perfect outside space and base pad.


What Beach House Games?

These can be pretty much the same as any house games, but with the added benefit of the beach as outside space. So, a treasure hunt can be come much more exciting, and could tie in nicely with a Pirate themed Beach Party Idea. But, obviously, if you have children involved, there will always be adult supervision required, particularly when outside at the beach.

Typical party games like pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, hide and seek etc, could all be super sized or just tailored to the beach a little more. For example, pin the tail on the donkey could become pin the hat on the pirate, or pin the tail on the mermaid. Or the crazy beach dress and dash where kids can pick a variety of clothing, swim goggles, swim accessories and their children’s swimwear to put in their hula hoops.

For adults, the beach house can provide a perfect venue to flow inside and out. Games like guess the celebrity, charades, quizzes and pictionary can easily be bought to the beach house or grounds. Making use of the outside space, an adult treasure hunt, or water bucket relay could be fun. As could a three legged race or fun obstacle course. Traditional sports are always a winner at the beach too.

Having the beach house can be ideal when you want to seek shade or shelter, as well as when you wish to serve drinks and food away from nature. It gives added dimensions to any party. And, obviously, you will need to look your best, and have the perfect swimwear, in case the party flows onto the beach. Beach house games are able to be whatever your imagination can create to allow partygoers to have a great time.

Beach Party Ideas

Beach party Ideas can vary depending on the partygoers and the budget. You can easily produce a fun party with little cost, if you use the beach and the beach house to your full advantage. Decorating just one room that leads out onto the beach is a great cost saving measure, as is choosing a theme that is popular, as it will be easier to obtain decorations and costumes.

Popular themes are Pirates, Mermaids, Under the Sea and Nautical. Some are universally appealing, whilst others may be more difficult to pull of for adults. Pirates, Mermaids and Nautical themes can be made ‘sexy’ or ‘sophisticated’ if required. It is all about the costumes and decorations. All of these Beach party ideas can utilize the beach, and beach house.

Whether you serve food and drinks inside or out, and if you decide to allow a free flowing party are personal choices. However, beach house games will add an extra dimension to a beach party, and some can provide a back up plan if the coastal weather turns.

All games can be varied depending on what is required, and there are always going to be new ideas to play with.Beach party ideas are versatile, and the only requirements for a successful beach party, are preplanning, sticking to the budget and a clear theme. Everything else can be sorted and tailored to the guests who show up and the weather. The magic is in the hosting, but the location certainly helps.

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