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It’s that time of year again, when we think about bearing all in a swimsuit, only to step on the scales and find that we’ve gained a pound or two (or thirteen in my case) over winter. Oops. What ensues is the traditional panic that makes us boycotts the food we love, renew that gym membership and dig out our trainers … for approximately ten minutes. So is there a big secret to sticking to your diet and exercise plan? And is it really the best way to feel sexy in a swimsuit?

The bikini diet

We are obsessed with how we look in a bikini, but with 50 – 80% of dieters regaining the weight, it is clearly difficult to find a diet that works. What I can suggest is to learn when you are really hungry, and when your body wants something else such as sleep or water. It’s important not to skip meals – this will only make you crave sugary foods and lead to possible weight gain. Instead:

  • Smaller portions of “super foods” – lentils, pulses, beans – will fill you up and give you loads of energy.
  • Replace carbohydrates with proteins such as chicken or fish (but do keep some as your body needs the energy). You’ll feel fuller but are less likely to bloat.
  • Try healthy snacks such as fruit or granola bars instead of chocolate and crisps, you’ll feel much better.

Don’t forget to treat yourself every so often either – its summer after all, so the occasional ice cream won’t do any harm if you keep it in moderation!


If you’re not used to an exercise regime, it can be difficult to stick with your new gym plan or boot camp DVD. The trick is to find an activity or sport that you really enjoy so that you are motivated to stick with it. If exercise classes aren’t your thing, try going for a walk every day – you could even make this a part of your daily routine of travelling to work or school! Or, if you fancy something more intense:

  • Exercising large muscle groups helps belly fat to melt away, so try to take up jogging.
  • Dancing is a fantastic way to get your entire body in shape, and even releases happy hormones that make you feel great too, whether it’s a class, a club or in your living room.
  • Continue your workout on the beach, get one of these sports bikini to play beach volleyball for a great workout.

Bikini Confidence

There’s little point in having the body if you’re afraid to show it off. Take some time to spoil yourself – a good technique to building body confidence is to look in the mirror for 10 seconds every day and find at least one thing you love about your body. Invest in a great swimsuit too – Brazilian bikini if you’re proud of your abs, or a stylish one piece swimsuit if you’re still a little stomach shy. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you are comfortable, confident, and smile!

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