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Baby swim nappies

Baby swimming and baby swim nappies

Why is Swimming Good for Babies?

Babies love water, they spend the 9 months of their development in the womb surrounded by fluid. The gentle sway and sounds of water are soothing to babies. The freedom of the water gives babies a chance to move their limbs in a supported way; both guardian and water will provide support. As well as the developmental and comforting benefits, swimming is great exercise.

For young babies, as you can take babies swimming at under 2 months old, you will need to go to a heated pool, as a cold pool will shock them. A heated pool will also prove more comforting as it more closely replicates the inside of the womb.

You will need to ensure you have little swimwear for your baby, and swim nappies. You can easily co-ordinate even the smallest fashionista with your stylish baby swimwear .


When to go to Baby Swim Lessons?

There is no distinct right time to begin baby swim lessons, just go with your instincts, and knowledge of yourself and your baby. It is usually advised you wait until about the 6-week mark, so your baby has built up some immunity, and you have had a good stint of recovery time. When you first begin, take things steady and relax. The more relaxed you are, this will rub off on your baby. Getting yourself post pregnancy women’s swimwear that is flattering, comfortable and stylish may help you relax.

Ensuring your baby has appropriate swimwear and a swim nappy that fits is also essential to a successful baby swim lesson. Washable anti-leak swimwear is great for babies.

Being prepared will help make this an enjoyable bonding experience. Take a warm milk for afterwards, or breastfeed. This will comfort and warm your baby. Take a nice fluffy hooded towel, and your usual changing items. If your baby is eating solid foods, then bring a snack, as babies become hungry after swimming activity. Using small, familiar water friendly toys can help your baby enjoy their time in the water even more.

Never be afraid to take your baby swimming, it is good for their health, development, emotional wellbeing and safety. It can be a great bonding experience for parents and babies, as well as good old family fun.

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